Med acer

Image by Steve Bowers


ACER's are small caliber warheads that use microfission or fusion from antimatter to produce large explosions.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B for 0.6 cm, 8-C for 1.85 cm, higher for 2.5 and 4 cm

Name: ACER, Anti-Matter Catalyzed Explosive Round, Boom Bullets

Origin: Orion's Arm

Age: 10,437 (Was invented in 2182)

Classification: Miniature anti-matter warheads

Powers and Abilities: Radiation Manipulation, some delivery systems can lock onto targets

Prerequisites: A knowledgeable user and lots of distance

Attack Potency: Wall level for 0.6 cm Calibers (Can splatter a human), Building level for 1.85 cm calibers (Can vaporize a human which is 2.99 gigajoules and can level a residential house), higher with 2.5 cm and 4 cm calibers

Speed: Hypersonic (Some rounds can be propelled by arc-rockets that reach speeds of 2 km/s)

Wielders: Various military across the Terragen sphere

Range: Hundreds of meters and emiting radiation, tens of meters from blast radius

Weaknesses: Small rounds are not effective against radiation-hardened swarms and fog based enemies.


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