USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II-901856


The A-10 Thunderbolt II is a close-air support and forward air control aircraft designed to tank hits from high-explosive and armor piercing rounds up to at least 23 mm. It was designed by the company known as Fairchild Republic. It is primarily used by the US military.

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Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies from 9-B to 8-C

Name: Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt, "Warthog", or "Hog"

Origin: Real World

Classification: Attack Aircraft

Height: 4.47 meters

Length: 16.26 meters

Weight: Empty weight is 11321 kg, maximum takeoff weight is 23 metric tons

Pilot(s): 1

Needed Prerequisite for Use: Training and a pilot

In use by: U.S Air Force

Powered by: 2 General Electric TF34-GE-100A turbofans

Operational Timeframe: Several hours, higher with mid-air refueling

Attack Potency: Varies. Wall level (The GAU-8 Avenger's 30mm rounds pack 200 kilojoules, which can very quickly increase when it fires in bursts due to it's usual rate of fire of 3900 RPM, allowing it to shred vehicles and houses), higher in bursts, Small Building level with AGMs and small bombs (Both the Hellfire and AGM-65 Maverick missiles can concussively destroy the armor of modern MBTs - penetration is much higher. Even the Mark 81, the smallest of the Mark 80 series of bombs, carries a yield of 213 megajoules with a 44 kg filling of Tritonal.) to Building level (A bomb such as the Mark 84 is packed with around 428.6 kg of Tritonal high explosive which would produce about 1882.92552 megajoules upon detonation)

Speed: Subsonic+ (Top speed is Mach 0.56)

Durability: Small Building level (The A-10 is able to take direct hits from armor piercing and high explosive rounds up to 23mm. The aircraft is capable of flying even when an engine, half of it's tail, one elevator, and half of it's wing is missing. The cockpit and parts of the flight control system are reinforced by a "bathtub" of titanium armor, capable of withstanding strikes from 23mm and sometimes 57mm cannon fire)

Range: Kilometers with weapons

Weaknesses: None notable


  • The aircraft is designed to and able to fly with one engine, one half of tail, one elevator, and half of a wing missing

List of Weaponry

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