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I am the Champion of the Gods. I am the strongest!
~ Satan's boast to Mori Jin


666:Satan, often referred to simply as Satan, is a denizen of the Heavenly Realm who seeks to succeed his mentor Beelzebub as the master of the First Heavenly Realm. Although child-like in appearance, he boasts monstrous power and proves to be one of the greatest threats to the heroes when the gods descended upon Earth.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-C | At least 4-C, up to High 4-C with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and when empowered by heat | At least High 4-C, 4-B with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture | 4-B, higher in Phase 2, Phase 3, and with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture

Name: 666:Satan, White Kid, The Champion Among Gods, Whitey, The King of Gods

Origin: The God of High School

Gender: Male

Age: Thousands of years old, likely older

Classification: God, Master of the First Heavenly Realm

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Telekinesis, Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Gravity Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Flight, Non-Physical Interaction, Extrasensory Perception, Enhanced Senses (Satan sees people as an abstraction of their power level), Fear Manipulation (Can instill a sense of fear and dread with his presence against beings weaker than him), Duplication (can create 2 quintillion clones. Later demonstrated the ability to create 245 quintillion clones), Telepathy (Can read his foes' minds in order to copy their techniques), Power Mimicry (Can copy any technique or ability he sees or reads from his opponent's mind, copied Daewi Han's Planet Toss and Mori Jin's cloning ability), Reactive Power Level (Re-Taekwondo changes the power level of its user), Body Control (Can completely turn his head around, Wing Manifestation), Energy Manipulation and Absorption (Can absorb light and heat from his surroundings to empower himself and use it against his foes), Regeneration (Mid, quickly recovered after Mori completely dismembered him), Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3 and 4), Acupuncture and Statistics Amplification via Na Bong Chim Limiter Removal (can boost his power by 250,000x), Resurrection (Has one life for each of his horns, which can resurrect him if used before death), Invulnerability (The Taboo placed on humans made it impossible for them to harm divine entities), Law Manipulation (Gods can form contracts that prevent other species from harming them), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 & 2), Resistance to Power Absorption, (Held himself back against Mori even though he became Ultio's Borrowed Power), Fear Manipulation (Was unaffected by Mori Jin's presence)

Same as before minus Invulnerability, Supernatural Willpower (Can use Yeoui as a weapon), Biological Manipulation and Explosion Manipulation (Can spawn Satan clones from his opponent's body and make them explode), Water Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, and Earth Manipulation (via Mt. Oheng), Resistance to Deconstruction and Soul Manipulation (Resisted Mujin's Diamond Sutra)

Attack Potency: At least Star level (Casually tossed Jupiter from orbit towards Earth in a short time frame, Beelzebub stated that 666:Satan defeated him to become Master of the First Heavenly Realm, could fight equally with an angry Mori Jin and a serious Daewi Han, despite not displaying even a portion of his true strength) | At least Star level (Stronger than base), up to Large Star level with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and when empowered by heat | At least Large Star level, (Presumably superior to his previous phases), Solar System level with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Should be comparable to, if not stronger than Mori after his use of the ability) | At least Solar System level (Trained during the 17 years since Ragnarok, and was capable of giving Mujin Park trouble before he entered his higher Phases), higher in Phase 2, Phase 3, and with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Put up a much better fight against Mujin than Mori Dan did)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Pulled Jupiter to Earth in an instant, can rival the pace of a Sage's Wisdom amplified Daewi Han and a Speed Mode-enhanced Mori Jin, Punched and blitzed Mori from Earth to the Sun before Mori could react), higher in Phase 2 and Phase 3 | At least Massively FTL+, higher in Phase 2 and Phase 3 (Kept up with Mujin Park)

Lifting Strength: At least Class Z physically (Physically comparable to Mori Jin and later lifted half of Yeoui with no effort), Class Y with gravity manipulation (Can move Jupiter)

Striking Strength: At least Star Class | At least Star Class, higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and when empowered by heat | At least Large Star Class, up to Solar System Class with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture | At least Solar System Class, higher in Phase 2, Phase 3, and with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture

Durability: At least Star level, Large Star level with El Diablo Armour (Took a blow from Mori Jin in his Power Mode, albeit his ribs were cracked in the process) | At least Star level (Stronger than base), up to Large Star level with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and when empowered by heat, higher with El Diablo Armour | At least Solar System level, (Took an intense beating from Mori Jin after he multiplied his power by 250,000 times), higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and El Diablo Armour | At least Solar System level (Could take hits from Mori Dan), higher in Phase 2, Phase 3, with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, and El Diablo Armour (Repeatedly took attacks from Mujin)

Stamina: High (Clashed with Daewi with no apparent effort and outlasted even the likes of Mori, albeit while the latter was using a great deal of power by creating hundreds of clones)

Range: Interplanetary. 1 AU with Full Contact Karate (Punched Mori Jin from the Earth to the Sun), Several AU with telekinesis and gravity manipulation (Pulled Jupiter towards Earth)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Although Satan seemed levelheaded at first, he was soon revealed to have a great love for battle, letting Mori rest for a short period before their battle to have a more stimulating fight and taking great pleasure in both dealing and receiving pain. He is a master of hand-to-hand combat, easily matching Mori blow for blow and maintaining the upper hand for much of their fight. Additionally, his ability to read his foe's mind allows him to quickly analyze and use their techniques against them, making it difficult to surprise him with new techniques. However, his lust for battle can make him short-sighted, as he relished in the powers he received from Mori and was subsequently paralyzed by Mori's use of acupuncture followed by the flurry of Taekwondo attacks that followed. Additionally, he has a severe inferiority complex and need to prove himself due to the gods of the Heavenly Realm's tendency to compare him to the Monkey King, and takes great pride in his status as the Champion of the Gods.

Weaknesses: Satan loves a good fight and often makes questionable decisions to get a better one. Has a severe inferiority complex towards the Monkey King and is incredibly prideful as the Champion of the Gods, His ability to mimic other's powers does not seem to extend to equipment, as he did not bother to try to copy the Ruyi Jingu Bang or the Robe of the Sage. Additionally, he hasn't shown the ability to alter his body structure to match the passive or innate abilities of others, as he was still overwhelmed by Jin Mori after using Na Bong Chim Limiter Removal to the same extent as him.



Note: As detailed in the abilities section, Satan has several abilities that increase his physicals, abilities performed in these circumstances will be marked.




Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Mind-Reading: Daewi commented during their fight that Satan had managed to read his mind to learn the martial arts techniques of Mori and himself. Daewi further compared this to fighting against Mori's analytical skills and copying abilities.
  • Satan Armor: El Diablo: Satan creates a goat-like energy construct that increases his defense.
  • 666 Hellraiser: A Phase Two technique that Satan can use in presence of the Sun's corona. It was unseen as Jin Mori destroyed most of his body before he managed to unleash the technique.
  • Right Wing Freed: A Phase Three skill that increases his power by dissolving his Right Wing. After using this skill, He can use a claw attack that destroys anything in its path with the energy visible from outer space, It also cracked Jin Mori's Loop of Binding.
  • Left Wing Freed: A Phase Three skills that increase his power by dissolving his Left Wing.
  • Energy Beam: Satan, in Phase Two state, can unleash a powerful destructive blast from his eyes that can obliterate an entire landscape. After absorbing all the energy from the Sun's corona in his Phase Three state, his energy beam becomes even more powerful.
  • Technique and Ability Mimicry: Satan has shown the ability to be able to mimic any technique or fighting style he sees, regardless of their origin, mechanics, or difficulty.
  • The King: Throwing a Planet: After watching Daewi throw Mars, Satan managed to learn the King's signature technique, allowing him to casually throw Jupiter at Earth in an instant.
  • Duplication: Satan learned how to clone himself after watching Jin Mori, allowing him to create hundreds of clones to assist him in combat. After continuing to fight Mori in combat, Satan began cloning himself infinitely, creating 2,009,600,745,000,000,000 clones at once before Mori attacked him once again. He also created 245,000,000,000,000,000,000 clones to fight Supreme God Mujin Park

Full Contact Karate

  • Fourth Stance: Blue Dragon's Storm: Daewi's signature attack, Satan analyzed and learned this attack, utilizing it with such mastery that he did not even need to use the first three stances to initiate it.
    • Blue Dragon Reverse: Satan redirects the flow of air to reverse the direction of an oncoming attack. Satan tried to use this to counter Han Daewi's repulsive force.

Renewal Taekwondo

  • Jin Mori Original: Blue Dragon's Kick: It is a technique developed by Jin Mori in his fight against Han Daewi after observing his Blue Dragon's Storm, Satan learned this ability after reading Daewi's mind.
  • Hoe Grab: It is used to grab an opponent in a lock position. The fighter feigns a reverse kick with one leg and uses that leg to hold the arm of the opponent. It is mainly used to break an enemy's guard.

Na Bong Chim Acupuncture

  • Na Bong Acupuncture Limiter Removal: Satan strikes a point in his brain to remove the limiters on his body, allowing him to multiply his overall power, speed, and durability tremendously at the cost of a "rebound effect" as the effects begin to wear off, resulting in crippling pain. However, Satan seems to be unfazed by the latter effect. Like Mori, he can multiply his power up to two-hundred fifty-thousand times with this technique.

Key: Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3 | RE: A Battle With The Gods Arc

Note: Satan breaking Yeoui in half was done after Mori had expanded an immense amount of power to kill the Gods. It was even noted by Mori that the Gourd cracked and shattered due to over-usage when he used it, Yeoui, and Geundoowun to perform the former feat. As such, Satan does not scale to the full durability of Yeoui.



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