On April 1945, the war was ending, and Hitler was about to commit suicide. Then his attempt was prevented by the creation of the first Übermenschen. This warped the war into something far bloodier than anyone could have imagined. It turned into a battle of superhumans, as each country raced to gain superhumans of their own. There are many protaganists who are on both sides of the war.

Powers of the Verse

This is an average powered verse. The top tiers are special battleships and are at least Multi City Block level. The lower tiers range from Multi City Block to Wall level. The Classes of Übermenschen vary from Battleships (the strongest) to the V1 Tank-Men and Geltmensch. The verse has some atomic and telepathic hax.



  • Geltmensch are a special class of Über. While they seem to to have Shapeshifting abilities, in truth their abilities are telepathic. By using telepathy, Geltmensch craft an illusion on themselves and others, that make them look like someone or something else. However, due to the fact that their powers are telepathic, and not real shapeshifting, they can be revealed by recordings and photographs.


  • The Halo is an energy that can have varying effects depending on the user. While lower level Über like Tank-Men, Cruisers, and Geltmensch use them as simply energy attacks, Battleship class Über are capable of using them to manipulate matter. While physical and halo powers can co-exist, having too much of one type will leave the Über powerless in the other category. Halo's work on an atomic level.






God Tiers

  • Katyusha
  • Leah Cohen

Top Tiers

High Tiers

Mid-High Tier

Mid Tier

Low Tier

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